Mr. Dan Basile

Assistant Principal/Director of Athletics 
(201) 796-8700 Ext. 2971

Mrs. Debra Cardone
Administrative Assistant 
Athletic Department 
(201) 796-8700 Ext. 2970






The Elmwood Park Public School District is committed to providing a rich co-curricular program that encourages our students to grow as individuals and experience the importance of being a part of a team. 
Participation in sports encourages students to become highly motivated both on and off the field, and is an essential component needed for students to learn the value of setting and obtaining goals. 
Furthermore, being a student-athlete encourages the learning of key life skills which include: sportsmanship, integrity, discipline, dedication, perseverance, and responsibility. 
The Elmwood Park High School Athletics Program fosters a sense of team, pride, fair-play and commitment in our students.

2015-2016 Athletic Handbook 

Physical Packets 

HS/MS Students- New Physical 

White Forms- New Physicals 

HS/MS Students- Current Physical is on file and has not expired. 

Sudden Cardiac Death In Young Athletes Pamphlet 

School districts must distribute the Sudden Cardiac Pamphlet
to all student-athletes, and to the parents of each student-athlete
as part of the student’s pre-participation physical examination and completion of the athletic permission forms.  

The Sudden Cardiac Death In Young Athletes Pamphlet can also be found at a

Sudden Cardiac- Parent/ Guardian Sign Off Sheet

A student-athlete and the parent or guardian of the student-athlete 
shall certify in writing that they received and reviewed the Sudden Cardiac Pamphlet. 

The student-athlete and parent or guardian certification and sign-off sheet can be found at

Click here for information on sports-related eye injuries.

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